Accessible from the boat

Maximum depth 30 mts.

Difficulty level Medium

Minimum certification Advanced

We anchor the boat on a rocky cove, which the dive is named after, on a rock that is five meters deep. We start out swimming towards the northeast and find that the floor is made up of large rock slabs that, over time, have been falling from the cliffs due to the Tramontane effect, forming wide tunnels that can be passed through. Among these rocks, we will find a great variety of marine life, including groupers, forkbeards, dentex, octopuses, nudibranchs, goldblotch groupers, etc.



This is a wall dive, and for that reason, on the way there we will swim the deepest part (30 meters), to later return at a lower depth on the way back to the boat with the wall on our left side, and then complete the dive with the usual safety stop below the boat.

Nudibranquio "Flabelina"



Nudibranquio "Vaquita suiza"

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