Accessible from the boat

Maximum depth 25 mts.

Difficulty level Easy

Minimum certification Open water

We anchor the ship on a rocky platform that ranges from five to ten meters. Here we can see shoals of umbrine, bream, an octopus, etc. We continue descending down to 18 meters where we find the llosa (a ‘hollow’ in English). We begin with a small tunnel where we can already start to see some groupers and lobsters. We turn toward the left where we will find a large arch, and if we go down to the bottom of it, this is where we will reach the greatest diving depth (25 meters). Here we can see good size groupers, dentex, goldblotch groupers, morays, etc.



After leaving this arch, we will head to the right and go around this entire hollow and then to the highest part, which is 12 meters deep. Here we can see shoals of barracudas, bream, black seabreams, etc. On the way back to the boat, we will pass by rock canals where we will still be able to see a great variety of species, and finally, we will conclude our dive with a safety stop under the boat.

Banco de barracudas


Banco de corvallos


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