Accessible from the boat

Maximum depth 33 mts.

Difficulty level Medium

Minimum certification Open water

In this dive, divers with Open Water certification can do a tour just like the more experienced divers, but without going below 18 meters.



We anchor the ship on a rocky platform that is about 50 meters wide and 16 meters deep. We follow the downward slope of this platform, heading north, and we will start to find large rock formations where we can see a great amount of groupers, morays, goldblotch groupers, etc. At the end of this rocky platform, the bottom drops down to 28 meters, where there are large rocks and this is where we can normally see shoals of dentex, almaco jacks, and barracudas preying. We will turn around and return to the boat with the wall of the island to our left at a lower depth, to then conclude the dive under the boat and make the appropriate safety stop.



At times, there is a current from the south toward the north. In these cases, based on our judgment, we will shorten our tour to avoid fatigue or air consumption problems.




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