Accessible from the boat

Maximum depth 16 mts.

Difficulty level Easy

Minimum certification Open water


This dive includes three caves that are next to each other, and for this reason, the boat will leave us at the front of the first one and wait for us in front of the exit of the last one. In these caves, we will always have some light (although we will use flashlights), and because of that, the backlight created is quite spectacular.



The entrance of the first cave is twelve meters deep, forming a very wide canal with many divisions. Upon leaving this cave, with the coast on the left side, we will find a second cave with a dry surface behind the cliff. And finally, through a wide canal we will also enter a third cave that has two divisions, one to the right and another to the left, to conclude the dive in this cave with a spectacular backlight.



For this type of dive, it is very important to have good buoyancy control, and for experienced divers, there are some more nooks that we can enter. Marine life in the caves is very abundant and this is not in the marine reserve area, although we will be able to see nudibranchs, porcelain snails, small crustaceans, etc.


Exit of the first cave

Backlight diver

Exit of the third cave

Exit of the third cave

Exit of the first cave

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